pushing limits. raising leaders.

our purpose

raising leaders.
Providing real opportunities for young women to rise into the leaders they are born to become.

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our passion

outdoor adventure.
Pushing physical limits to unleash the power of our participants’ full potential. 

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our promise

young women driving change.
Our participants create the change they wish to see in their communities

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the live it up! offshore 66° team championed 60km in the Arctic!

live it up! is bursting  with pride as our offshore 66° team discovered they are fierce, strong, full of fire and ready to rise to new heights. Nothing is impossible! Their adventure – traversing 60 km by foot and paddle in the vast, wild and beautiful Arctic – was pure epic in all ways. Check out both their gallery and blog from the week!

double summit success! kilimanjaro 2017 and 2018!

Challenge knocked and live it up! answered TWICE at the rooftop of Africa. The live it up! team recently led two inspiring, fierce, determined and strong groups of women up Mount Kilimanjaro together with GM Expeditions. Each summit presented its own challenges. Each team its own synergy. Every woman had her purpose. All had a hunger to explore the limitless depths of her own possibility. They’ve risen with so much more. Check out our galleries

the experience
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