Our Vision

- raising young women into leaders -

live it up! seeks a world filled with young women who dream without compromise, believe without waver and lead their dreams without delay in such a way that improves the world around them.

“One thing is for sure: I feel powerful. I feel like I am standing on top of the world, ready for my next challenge. This journey with live it up! has made me believe that only I can put down my own limits and only I can break them. I can do anything. I am strong.”  Benaz, Arctic 2014

live it up! helps young women improve their skills and abilities toward influencing decisions that impact their lives while learning to advocate for changes that will improve the lives of many others.

We believe that when we push our physical limits to accomplish our wildest dreams, we unleash a new level of inner strength. We can channel this surge of energy into our ability to create meaningful impact in our lives as well as the world around us.  

Ultimately, our young women begin to understand their own power to reach their full potential, they begin to see that they are capable of mobilizing a wider change in attitudes, communities and socio-cultural systems.

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