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do what you “cannot” do – live it up leadership

do what you "cannot" do

zainab, laponia 2015

November 30, 2015.LiveItUp.1 Like.0 Comments

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As I write this, it’s been half a year since our Swedish Lapland adventure. I have probably forgotten many things and details that happened during the journey but at the same time there are other details and events that happened which are more vivid in my memory and their impact becomes more clear.

I still remember how the first four days were consumed with hiking up and down, through heavy marsh, across rivers (literally, even knee-deep at times). We did this every day, all day, with all our own gear on our backs, for four days straight –  without giving up once.  Every one of those days was tough, but I knew deep down: “I have something worse waiting for me the last day, this is nothing compared to that.”

You see, I have always been extremely afraid of deep water: And even though I can swim , those skills do not unfortunately help me reduce my fear. During the final day of trip, we would paddle for four hours to cross over to the other side. Four hours!!! Deep water, small waves, blowing wind and nothing but a piece of plastic (the kayak!) between me and deep, dark unknown of that water.

When we arrived to our camp , we had experienced four days of rain and a wet you cannot imagine! Our shoes, our socks, even our feet were impossible to dry each night. It was cold. It was miserable. But, I could take all this. What awaited me the next morning, I thought was much, much worse.

Too soon it was time but something remarkable happened. I thought back on the four days that I was doing things, accomplishing these feats, I had never done before in my life. I felt so much pride once I reflected on it and it gave me a entire different view of my fear of deep water. I was still really scared, but I had discovered this drive within me – I wanted to dare to paddle by myself (you could choose to paddle in pairs if you wanted to).

My desire came from learning through the live it up! adventure, that I wanted to, I need to do that which I believe I cannot do. I learned that it is precisely through these situations that give me the greatest strength.

Today, I keep on pushing to achieve my dream of becoming an architect. Each time it gets difficult, I think of this moment and the strength, the power behind doing that which you do not think you can do!

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