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in her words…offshore 66°

July 2, 2018.Adventure

Toughest of All - Last Day By Agnes How time flies! Is it Friday already?! This means the adventure is coming to an end. At this exact moment, we are preparing our last dinner in a cozy cabin, a floating sauna in the middle of the Arctic! So beautiful! It’s well-earned and needed after five [...]

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in her words...polar edge

March 31, 2017.Adventure

Final Words By Peizhen, Ellen, Maram, Pärla and Zeinab Hello civilization! Right now, we’re sitting on the train back to Skåne after an utterly amazing week up here in Lappland. Now as the dust – or snowflakes – begins to settle, we are finally able to look back at what we’ve done during the past week. [...]

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polar edge 2017 in the media

January 29, 2017.Adventure

Utemagasinet gives a nod! live it up! Polar Edge 2017 receives a crowd cheer from Utemagasinet as we prepare to head north. Stay tuned for a full article post adventure. Say Hallå! live it up! Polar Edge 2017 makes a splash and is featured in Hallå newspaper. Community proud! Read full article.

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feelings of might

November 30, 2015.Adventure

My reflections about my trip to the Arctic with live it up! are indescribable.  Really, they are. I just can’t find the right words, or any words that I can use to write exactly what I want about my emotions and my experiences. It’s the feeling of it all that is the real gift. Feelings of being [...]

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