feelings of might

anila, arctic 2014

November 30, 2015.LiveItUp.2 Likes.0 Comments

My reflections about my trip to the Arctic with live it up! are indescribable.  Really, they are. I just can’t find the right words, or any words that I can use to write exactly what I want about my emotions and my experiences. It’s the feeling of it all that is the real gift.

Feelings of being a real fighter and pushing my limits. Limits I didn’t know I could push and, pushing further, harder, and beyond what I ever thought possible. It gave me this powerful feeling that no other person can ever stop me. It is only I who can do that to myself.

Feelings of failing but standing up again like a star and stealing the show. Learning that failure is not an ends but rather demonstrates my best work is still in process. Feeling that I can be free of failure but full of learning and growth.

Feelings that I am absolutely, 100%, Alive!!! Seeing God’s most amazing, wonderful and beautiful creations. Wonderful, awe-filled moments when watching the Northern lights dance and feeling the magic of the north. It gave me this feeling of peace and wholeness found only in nature.

Feelings of immense fear and doubt. Yet, bringing my feet to stand on top of a mountain cliff. Terrified, weeping and still tossing myself over it and abseiling down. It gave me this strong assurance that I can overcome fear itself, in any form, at any time, if only I dare.

Learning about leadership but feeling it by living it. Making sacrifices for my team during those cozy but cold nights.  Feeling that our team is only as strong as we each are and knowing how I can help build our strength.

Thinking, knowing and believing that I am a strong woman. If I have made it this far then I will make it further, no doubt. Nothing is impossible in life. This I feel. This I know.

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