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in her words…offshore 66° – live it up leadership

in her words…offshore 66°

July 2, 2018.LiveItUp.1 Like.0 Comments

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Toughest of All – Last Day

By Agnes

How time flies! Is it Friday already?! This means the adventure is coming to an end. At this exact moment, we are preparing our last dinner in a cozy cabin, a floating sauna in the middle of the Arctic! So beautiful!

It’s well-earned and needed after five days full of challenges! Today, we had breakfast at the lake – further blessed with such beautiful views during this week! The views are sweeping and breathtaking. They make you stop for a moment to just enjoy and soak in what we have in front of us.

We expected to paddle a long, long distance to our final goal. It seemed never-ending with a return of the winds. As we paddled and paddled, time passed and we began to wonder if we had reached our final destination.

We took a break and had only paddled 6 km! We had twelve left! Our leaders took a look at our energy levels, the winds, the chilly weather and decided to go for Plan B. We would paddle 3 more km and then hike the remaining 9km. We cheered!

We focused on the path we had in front of us. There was no complaining and only encouragement.

We received the surprise of a lifetime! We had hiked three hours and were lead to believe we were perhaps lost. Then Plan C arrived. We were going to whitewater raft the remaining km! What a thrill!!! Immediately our energy shifted and we were so excited for a new height of adventure.

However, our teamwork was put to the test. And, while the day was long, the toughest is actually knowing this is our last day. Tomorrow we will return. But, we all have our special place in this group with our unique personalities. We have truly created a group extraordinaire! And perhaps this only the beginning…

Digging Deep

By Agnes and Ghazal

Today has been a really, really tough day. We have faced many more big challenges since the time we woke.

The day began an hour earlier than usual as means to make up extra km in paddling. We started with a paddle through a slight stream that had a strong under current. What fun! We were excited for the next challenge and a little nervous. No one wanted to tip.


We paddled many, many km. And then shifted to carrying all our belongings and the canoes…again! You can only imagine how tough this was! Thank goodness we only had to carry the canoes one time – could have been twice but instead Karen and Christian paddled each canoe through some very rough rapids.

But, situations like this is when the team had to be strong and show our survival skills. We helped each other, we encouraged each other and focused on the task at hand.

Since we shared our personal stories with one another, the entire group grew closer. We realized each one of us is strong enough to face these challenges as we have overcome worse battles. Together we completed the challenges!

We have learned teamwork, what it means to push through both physical and mental challenges, and how people can inspire you, and motivate you.

We are SO glad to be here! It’s unbelievable that we only have one day left of this life-changing adventure

Power of the Story

By Minette and Kajsa

Another long and fun day is coming to an end. We have experienced a lot of challenges, and a lot of emotions today, pushing ourselves both physically and emotionally.

Today, we had to carry our canoes about 1.5 km through the woods when the water wasn’t suitable to paddle. It was a struggle. Some of us even got lost on the trail but thanks to positivity and humor, we all made it!

We also shared our personal stories with each other. Each person’s story brought thoughts to our minds and feelings to our hearts. It felt good, sitting together and sharing parts of ourselves, our experiences. Many brave and courageous stories.

It allowed us to be free from our past, to release the grip it had and channel into a new power. We laughed, we cried and we grew close to one another as a group, a team and now a family of sorts.

We’ve had a great day. And now say good night from a fire by the lake. live it up!

Paddling toward change

By Lina and Agnes

So far this day was a very challenging day. We learned many new things: breaking down camp, building a canoe and paddling for the first time. First we hiked – it was long and exhausting. The terrain very natural and untamed. We did not complain, we did not give up. Then we had to learn how to build a canoe! Even more exhausting work!

Today’s paddle was difficult – the wind blew hard, we were just learning to steer our canoes. Sometimes the wind carried us or spun us around. But we still had a good laugh about it later during our warm dinner as we shared our experiences!

We were frustrated again when we set up camp – wet and cold, some more than others. We turned it into laughter as we put up our tents and prepared dinner. What a difference choosing to be positive can make!

During today’s workshop we discussed change. What is change? Is change good or bad? What makes change happen? Is it necessary? The word change is in fact a big word with so many different meanings for different people.

Our team believes change is something that we have to experience in life to grow and evolve. This experience is change in motion – a big change. We can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring!

First day!  Life as a Subtitle

Written by Ghazal and Kajsa

First Day! (Have you ever seen a movie with subtitles?)

It’s been a long and exciting day. We have used all kinds of modes of transportation to be here – the middle of the Arctic Circle – and it took us 17!!! hours. We’re so happy to have finally set-up our first camp!

Our first challenge, to be on time this morning with a 5.15 a.m. meet time – worked out really great. Our next challenge was at the airport – we had such little time to make our connecting flight in Stockholm to Luleå. And, we did that, too, with a full sprint! (*Strong!!!)

Our first hike to camp was through a beautiful, forest landscape. Sometimes it was hard to enjoy it. As Ghazal said, “It’s like watching a movie with subtitles – you want to enjoy the picture but you have to look down.” In this case, look down to see where we put our feet at the same time.

Now, as we have found a beautiful spot for the night, we can enjoy the beautiful lake and green woods that surround us as we prepare our first meal over an open fire.

The long day came with mixed feelings – we’ve been tired, frustrated, hungry, nervous but also happy, excited, inspired and hopeful.

During the day, we have already come closer to each other and it feels as if we’ve known each other much longer that we actually have. This is such a great feeling! TEAM!!!

We know a big challenge is ahead of us, but now that we are here, we are not that nervous anymore. We feel already something new and powerful that is only going to grow this week!

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