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Laponia 2015 – live it up leadership

Laponia 2015

Stora Sjöfallet – Sweden

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adventure snapshot


Stora Sjöfallet, Arctic Circle, Sweden


21-27 June 2015


Eight young women from Skåne


Traverse 30km in the remote, vast and wild outdoors, carrying all their own gear through streams, valleys and hills

Outdoor Skills

Expedition-style trekking, outdoor survival, paddling


Crossing deep, rushing rivers. Non-stop rain. No such thing as dry.


Ride of a lifetime as participants gained a higher perspective on their accomplishment – helicopter included!

Top Quote

What time is it?

behind the scenes

Driven & Determined

Eight driven and determined young women from Skåne ventured deep into the land of midnight sun to push their limits in ways unimaginable to them before. They were completely cut-off from life as they know it. They hiked, they paddled, they grew in the midst of sweeping mountain ranges and sparkling rivers.

These remarkable young women saw this as a once in a lifetime opportunity. They believed they knew what they were capable of. They discovered so much more.

the participants

 Ayat Alzaidi

Age: 21 | From: Nasyreh, Iraq

“Before live it up!, I always compared myself to others, thinking I could never do that. Now, I have learned not to stop and watch others go forward while I remain.”

 Nathalie Reinholds

Age: 17 | From: Genarp, Sweden

“I now have a better outlook on everything – my approach, my vision for my life, my abilities, and what I can make possible. With the right attitude, the right team and a song in my voice, everything, anything is possible!”

Lorena Barrenechea

Age: 19 | From: Sweden and Bolivia

“Since live it up!, my self-confidence has sky-rocketed! I discovered I am actually a very driven person.”

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My wildest dream is to skydive and travel around the world to learn more about people’s cultures and religions.

I’m most inspired by people who do not give up but instead give their best every day, regardless of their situation. Their motivation impresses me!

My vision is to run a pharmacy where I can send medications to those who are in need but may not have the ability to purchase it themselves.

My project is meant to help inspire other women to overcome the fear within them. It is a video-based project that will showcase the lives and stories of women in Malmö who have used their fear as fuel in different ways.


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My wildest dream is to meet the President of the U.S.A. and the Queen of Great Britain – two fantastic leaders.

You may not know that I am afraid of all insects – crawling or flying. Despite this, I choose to challenge myself. Watch out girls! I may scream in the middle of the night!

My voice is actually quite soft. People say I sound comfortable while speaking.

My project aims to empower the youth in Genarp. I want to inspire them to become more involved in the shaping of our community, thus instilling a will to be active in their future. I will build an organization for youth to voice their needs and then act upon them, by  creating and driving their own events, organisations and advocacy groups.

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My wildest dream is to run my own organization that helps people while it enables me to travel the world.

I’m most inspired by my mother, who despite the many difficulties in her life, took the chance and moved to Sweden to create a better life for her and her children.

You may not know that I once had a YouTube channel where I made crazy, funny videos about my opinions on things.

My project will break down barriers related to self-harm and provide resources to those who suffer, including their family members. It will be a powerful, speaker-driven special event that showcases the stories of those in the community who have experienced self-harm and those who suffered alongside their loved ones.

 Lykke Sigurd

Age: 18 | From: Malmö, Sweden

“Prior to live it up!, I was afraid to take risks. What if I fail? But, now I absolutely dare to take risks and enjoy the moment.”

 Maryam Rezaei

Age: 21 | From: Iran, Austria and Sweden

“I learned everything is in fact possible. I learned what it means not to give up and how much I really do have to give. Wow!”

Melissa Tan

Age: 19 | From:  Sweden and Turkey

live it up! showed me that, even in the darkest of times when I want to give up, I have so much more strength, courage and ability than I ever knew to lead my own path.”

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My wildest dream is to be able to do all the crazy things that I’d like to achieve in my life without being held back by my own fear.

I’m most inspired by my mother, who is the absolute strongest (well, at least mentally) person I know!

You may not know that I am obsessed with working out and always looking for cool ways to energize my body, like dancing!

My project seeks to inspire young women to dare to venture into fields of study that are typically thought of as
male tracks – technology, engineering and the like. It will be a career night event that presents the possibilities and
opportunities, with professional women who have developed fulfilling and successful careers in such fields.

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My wildest dream is to become active in children’s rights, more specifically to ensure all children have access to their right to free education.

You may not know that I love to paint with strong, mixed and diverse colors.

My voice is the one and only way to bring out who I am and what I stand for…freedom and justice.

My project is meant to give a voice to the elderly of our community. They are often overlooked and unheard. But their experiences, their thoughts can be an incredible addition to the fabric of this society. After leading group discussions, a video will be created to amplify and spread their voices.

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My wildest dream is to be the first female Prime Minister in Sweden.

You may not know that I held a speech about feminism on the big stage at Malmö Festival in 2013. It scared me to pieces!

My voice is strong and unbroken.

My vision is to work for justice and equality – even if it takes my lifetime!

 Zainab Al-shara

Age: 21 | From: Sweden and iraq

“I’ve learned to dare to do that which I think I cannot do as it is precisely that which will give me the greatest strength. live it up! has opened my eyes to a new world and I love it!”

 Elin Schäfer

Age: 16 | From: South Sweden

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My wildest dream is to open a youth organization that helps young people become more involved in improving their community.

I’m most inspired by people who dare to continuously challenge themselves, always developing into their best.

My voice is one that I use to show how I strive to always do my best without the expectation of something in return.

My project aims to paint a new picture of Malmö and raise the positive faces of our community. I want to show the real humans that make the fabric of Malmö and how easy it can be to integrate. It is a social media campaign that calls on people to post who they are, what they do and their goals. My aim is to spread the campaign as wide aspossible

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You may not know that I become very sensitive when things around me are not in their proper place. I have to clean very often to feel calm and happy.

 My voice is developing every day with new knowledge. I am using it to achieve the goals I set for myself.

My vision is to help young people find the motivation to fight for their dreams, to believe they can succeed and to not give up on themselves.

My project will help inspire the youth in Arlöv to take control of their future, to believe in their abilities to build a future they define as worth living. 

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