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- an exciting adventure, paddling through the Arctic Circle -

adventure snapshot
Location  Jokkmokk, Arctic Circle, Sweden
Dates 25-30 June 2018
Team Five courageous young women seeking to discover how fierce she truly is
Goal Traverse 60 km! in vast, wild and stunning wilderness with foot and paddle
Outdoor Skills Expedition-style movement, hiking, paddling, navigating and outdoor survival
Toughest Building and then carrying canoes several km!
Memorable Warmth of team, canoe spotify, snacks!, spectacular vistas, midnight sun, rapids
Top Quote Bara till udden! (Only to the headland!)
behind the scenes

This group of courageous young women had to push hard and then…push even harder as the gift of the midnight sun made for endless days. With strong winds and some light rain, their goal was to paddle and hike 60km through the Arctic’s spectacular, untouched terrain. With no previous experience, they built, paddled and carried canoes, rafted through whitewater rapids, endured mosquito fests, and laughed and sang through the week. In the end, they learned to live their leadership, cherish the gifts of each individual and, ultimately, how to rise higher than they ever thought possible. Experience their journey!


 Minette Bergström

Age: 18 | From: Bjärsjölagård, Skåne

 Kajsa Bylund

Age: 24 | From: Dalarna, Sweden

 Lina Kakar

Age: 23 | From: Afghanistan

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My wildest dream is to one day win a Nobel Peace prize.

I am most inspired by the women around me who raise their voices and fight even though it might seem hopeless.

You may not know that I’ve dyed my hair about ten different colors.

My voice is second most powerfull weapon, my mind being the first. With my voice, I can change people’s minds and state my opinion.

My vision is leaving a footprint in this world, to somehow change the world we live in.

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My wildest dream is to become a dolphin. (Well, at least live by the sea, feel free and make the cool sounds that dolphins can).

I am most inspired by people who do not give up, but stay positive even though things get rough.

You may not know that I used to be a gymnast.

My voice is my biggest gift. Through singing and speaking it helps me to express myself.

My vision is to work with people, help them and bring them together through music and communication.

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My wildest dream is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

I am most inspired by my family.

You may not know that I am very spiritual person and I love reading about astrology.

My voice is very calming but can at times become very squeaky when I’m excited.

My vision is living a peaceful life by walking a smooth path to success.

Ghazal Khajeholia

Age: 22 | From: Tehran, Iran

 Agnes Lubwama

Age: 19 | From: Uganda and Sweden

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My wildest dream is to become physically and mentally strong and to help other women become strong.

I am most inspired by people who challenge themselves and really push to achieve their goals in life. Strong individuals who never give up and continue to develop themselves. People who enjoy the now, look forward to the future and are not trapped by the past.

You may not know that I live to write and I am an awesome cook. I love to take walks with my dog in beautiful nature and take pictures.

My voice is a world of peace, honesty and fairness.

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My wildest dream is to live the life of my dreams and to successfully live a life that I don’t have to escape from.

I am most inspired by persons who have beaten the odds and done what is ‘impossible.’

You may not know that I am a spiritual person. I love to discuss the meaning of our lives and our existences with other people.

My voice is strong and powerful.

My vision is to make the world a better place than it was when I entered it.

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