Polar Edge 2017

Jokkmokk, Sweden

adventure snapshot


Jokkmokk, Arctic Circle, Sweden


18-25 February 2017


Six young women from Skåne


Traverse 30km in the remote, vast and wild outdoors during the harsh depths of winter

Outdoor Skills

Expedition-style movement, skiing, snow shoeing and winter outdoor survival


Sleeping at -28C!


TEAM! Mountain top, spectacular northern lights and ride of a life on a dog sled

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behind the scenes

Together, this group of brave young women took on the toughest live it up! adventure yet.  With winter’s elements at full strength, their goal was to ski and snowshoe across 30 km of the Arctic’s wild, untouched terrain. With no previous experience, they overnighted in tents at -28C, snowshoed to the summit of a small mountain, led a sled of dogs and, most importantly, they found one another and unlocked the power of TEAM. Experience the journey.

the participants

 Ellen Nilsson

Age: 16 | From: Hammenhög, Sweden

 Linnéa Kusagård

Age: 16 | From: Sölvesborg, Sweden

 Maram Omar Mohamed 

Age: 19 | From: Somalia

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My wildest dream is to travel to Australia. I love the wild life, and I would love to see different species of animals, and to see the great barrier reef.

I’m most inspired by successful persons who have conquered their fears and moved forward in life, no matter how many obstacles they faced.

You may not know that  I love to read. I believe that every single word you read has the power to change your point of view on the entire world and on your life.

My voice is striving to change people’s perspective for the better. I know that a few words can make a huge difference.

My vision is to unite young people together in an organization, so that anyone may find support in a time of need.

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My wildest dream is to travel around all the continents, mostly by foot or bike. I want to experience as much of the world as I possibly can.

I’m most inspired by people who are confident in themselves and work hard to reach their goals.

You may not know that I went to live in France for three weeks with a host family. No one spoke English so I got around using only French. It was great!

My voice is one of my strongest weapons and one of my biggest means of  helping.

My vision is to connect people who otherwise wouldn’t find each other. I want to help prove that all humans are the same, although different.

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My wildest dream is to travel to a foreign country all by myself, without my mobile, money or knowing any person there. I want to be more independent and get to know myself.

I’m most inspired by girls who push themselves, challenge themselves and never give up. I am also inspired by my mother’s patience.

You may not know that I competed in volleyball and table tennis for the women’s national teams in my home country.

My voice is to stop the threats between us as humans and to create a better world.   

My vision is to become an accomplished social worker who works to help young girls feel better and achieve their dreams.

Peizhen He

Age: 22 | From: Malmö, Sweden and Guangxi, China

Zeinab Ismail

Age: 21 | From: Malmö. Sweden

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My wildest dream to travel the world while building bridges as a UN representative, for peace and security of the international community.

I’m most inspired by people who go high when others go low. People who rule with love and knowledge rather than fear and prejudice.

You may not know that I am great at recognizing faces.

My voice is tranquil and clear as I ask the most urgent questions that have been forgotten and silenced.

My vision is a world where our Human Rights declared by the UN and EU are respected and maintained in every country.

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My wildest dream is to be able to run my own business and change the lives of women in different parts of the world.

I’m most inspired by people who revolutionize the world through their ideas and eventually change people’s lives.

You may not know that I used to play soccer for  Malmö FF when I was younger.

My voice is strong and unbreakable. It helps me organize for the issues I am passionate about and find my place in the world.   

My vision is to find new and innovative ways to solve challenges.

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