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Mentors – live it up leadership


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We believe it takes a village to raise its leaders! Our unique approach to advancing young women’s leadership is dependent upon people who volunteer their time and experiences. They believe in what we do and the young women in which we do it for.

Mentors play an active and critical role in supporting live it up! participants through their project completion. They encourage their process and help them exercise their confidence in a safe space.

live it up! guides both the mentees and mentors throughout the process with its highly engaging and interactive mentorship program.

Together, we help them rise.

Our next program, live it up! offshore 66°, is underway and mentors are needed from July – October 2018. Get busy, be of service and apply! We look forward to hearing from you.

what it takes
her part

Her primary task is to drive her own social improvement project into reality within three months of her return from the live it up! adventure. This project is based upon her vision of change for the community. She leads the charge; you help her navigate, network and bring it to life. She is exploring her leadership potential and rising as a role model.

your part

Our participants return from their adventure full of energy, confidence, leadership and motivation. As a mentor, you will guide your mentee as she puts her new strength and knowledge into action. You will be an invaluable support and resource. Mentors report an average 8 hours per month in time commitment in addition to our monthly meetings.

our part

live it up! guides you both through the process with its mentor-mentee program, which runs the three-month duration of the project time. During the kick-off event, live it up! helps each pair set their agreement and outline expectations on how their relationship will work in terms of support, communication and frequency.


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Describe your professional areas of expertise.

Why would you like to serve as a mentor? What do you hope to offer and gain?

What is your biggest, craziest, wildest dream?

Do you have approximately 8 hours per month from July through October 2018 to commit to supporting your live it up! mentee as well as the monthly meetings?

Please describe any previous experience as a mentor. We do not require this, but if you have it, we’d like to know about it! Otherwise just write: none.

How did you hear about live it up! and its mentor program?

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