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Programs – live it up leadership

Our Program

- experience the limitless power within -

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live it up! is a unique, experiential and adventure-based leadership program that seeks to connect young women to their personal power and provide them with practical tools to rise into the leaders they were born to become.

It is grounded in the belief that leadership development is ultimately a vehicle for social impact and is a two-phase program.

First apply. Once chosen, strap in! At least one month before our date of departure, we will host several meetings to inform and prepare you. You also will be given a personalized fitness routine.

how it works

The Journey (approximately one week)
You will embark on an adventure in the breathtaking, exciting wilderness.

  • Push your physical, mental limits through an epic, well-defined challenge in the mighty outdoors.
  • Engage in very practical leadership training – workshops, activities and discussions are held along the journey: self-confidence, communicating effectively, having vision, driving change.

The Delivery (within six months)
You will put your new strength and knowledge into action. You will design and drive your own social improvement project into reality. This will be based upon your vision of change needed in your community.

what you deliver

You will develop a project that can be planned and realized within six months of your adventure departure date. This project is based upon your idea for change or action needed in your community. You will be coached through the process with live it up! as well as an official live it up! mentor. It’s your vision. Your idea. Your leadership. Your impact. Feel free to read previous participants’ profiles and their projects as examples.


You will choose one workshop from the live it up! leadership workshops that you experience during the adventure phase of the program. You will teach this workshop to a group of youth from your organization or community. Once you have made your selection, live it up! will provide the information and materials necessary for you to successfully conduct the workshop. Most young women choose the workshop they found to be most relevant or powerful. You schedule the date, you gather the participants, you lead the workshop. This is how we spread the seeds of new knowledge and maximize our impact!

Personal story

Telling your story is power. A personal story is a very short story that lasts between two to five minutes, or is about 250 words in length. It is a very detailed, emotionally powerfully snapshot into an influential part of your life. What event has impacted your life the most? live it up! will coach you through the writing process, the elements of your story and how to deliver it during the adventure phase. You will deliver your personal story to a community audience during a live it up! special event that is held within two months of the adventure.

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