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FAQ – live it up leadership


- all you need to know -

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If you don’t find your answers here, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer as soon as possible.

Do I need previous experience in the outdoors?

Not at all! We do not require any previous outdoor experience. We will fully prepare you and show you the ropes while we’re on our adventure. You’ll return feeling confident to pitch a tent, start a fire and so much more!

Do I need my own gear?

We work very hard and very closely with our product sponsors and corporate partners to ensure all participants have the exact gear needed for their adventure. From the underlayers, to the shoes, hats and gloves – we’ve got you’ve covered. Participants receive a pack-list, which includes a list of all other personal items to consider.

How much will it cost?

The personal cost varies between programs. We do our absolute best work to hold individual costs to a minimum. However, anything worth experiencing, is worth working for. Please consult the information specific to the adventure you’re planning to apply.

How are programs funded?

Our funding is primarily derived from our razor sharp corporate partnerships, inclusive of monetary, product and service sponsors. All of our partners play a critical role in catalyzing our mission to serve the advancement of young women’s leadership. Each of them believes in the strength of every one of our rising young women participants.

How do I apply to the program?

With every announced program, begins the application process. A link to the online application form will be listed in the announcement. Applications are only accepted during the defined period. Fill it out thoroughly, thoughtfully. Be on time. Introduce us to you! Selection into the next round means you will be contacted for a Skype interview. We will ask questions related to your application as well as about all the wonderful things that inspire you. This is your time to shine! And finally, as a selected participant, you will receive a congratulations e-mail, welcome to the team and next steps. Good luck!

How will I be prepared for the trip?

Once you are selected, we will completely prepare you for the program, both the adventure and the delivery phases. Prior to the adventure you will receive informative e-mails to help you plan and prepare; we will host several team meetings related to your team’s adventure; and we will coordinate a physical fitness program for the team to help you train. All of this takes place within a month leading up to your departure date.

What happens during the trip?

Each trip is different so the specific times and activities vary. You will be given a daily schedule upon our departure. A typical day starts with a morning wake-up, breakfast and break-camp. The day continues with our physical activities and short breaks, to include and a longer lunch break. We arrive to our night’s site, set-up camp and prepare dinner. Our leadership workshop and activities are typically conducted in the evenings. Our days and nights are packed full of rich experiences that help push you, develop you and promote team unity.

Will we have a wifi signal?

Welcome to life off-the-grid! We are usually deep within vast, wild and beautiful nature – this means no reliable signal and no guarantees! At times there may be a sporadic signal. We update our Facebook and Instagram every chance we can to help loved ones at home keep pace with our journey. Think of it as carving out time to disconnect from the rest of the world and reconnect to yourself and your ambition.

What happens when we return?

Once we return from an adventure, the second phase of the live it up! program immediately begins. Within a short period of time, we will host a fun evening to meet as a team again and share a few laughs. We also will host a Mentor-Kickoff to officially begin your mentorship and introduce you to your carefully selected mentor. We will host several other team gatherings and group mentor meetings. You will receive more information from us regarding all specific deadlines (host a workshop, project completion, etc.) as well as other events, such as our community special event.

What are my obligations to the program?

Once you accept your position on a live it up! team, you agree to actively participate in both phases. You join the adventure. You return. You host a workshop for your organization, school or community. You attend and deliver at our community special event. You uphold your mentorship agreement with your mentor. You complete your social project within six months of our return.

What kind of social improvement project am I able to work with?

Your project is based upon your vision for your community. What would you like to see change? What is needed? The best projects are the ones that are concrete and succinct. We have seen special events, social media campaigns, protest walks and youth outreach projects. Read through the profiles of past participants to get a better understanding of the possibilities.

How much time do I need to commit in order to complete Phase Two of the program?

Phase two is an important and critical phase of the live it up! program. It is essential to take this seriously and commit your absolute best effort. We recommend that you allot a minimum of 15 hours per week during the six month phase. If you are not capable of this, you should carefully consider if the program is right for you at this point in your life.

How is my mentor selected and when will I meet my mentor?

We take great care in matching our live it up! participants with appropriate mentors. After we get to know our participants and have a general feel for their project ideas, we hand pick mentors we feel have the professional backgrounds and personalities to help our participants be successful.

What if I don’t get along with my mentor?

We work with each of our participants and mentors to ensure a positive experience for both. However, there are times when circumstances change – either a mentor’s schedule suddenly fills with unexpected situations, a participant changes her social project completely, or the expectations between the two don’t match. In such cases, we work with our participants to find a suitable replacement.

How good does my English need to be?

You should be able to understand and express yourself in English at a fairly moderate level. To encourage confidence with English, all leadership activities (workshops, discussions, etc.) are conducted in English. Participants choose if their responses are in English or Swedish. However, to ensure safety and absolute comprehension during the adventure, all adventure instruction is conducted in the home-country language. So, if your program runs in Sweden, adventure instructions will be in Swedish.

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