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in her words…polar edge – live it up leadership

in her words...polar edge

written by the team

March 31, 2017.LiveItUp.4 Likes.0 Comments

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Final Words

By Peizhen, Ellen, Maram, Pärla and Zeinab

Hello civilization!

Right now, we’re sitting on the train back to Skåne after an utterly amazing week up here in Lappland.

Now as the dust – or snowflakes – begins to settle, we are finally able to look back at what we’ve done during the past week. We, as a team, want to highlight some important moments on this adventure.

During our first night in the unfamiliar place, we discovered how harsh and painful the cold could be. It forced us to learn how to handle sleeping outside in the -28C. What a way to start the trip!

The mood during the first couple days was anything but joyful. Half the group wanted to go home, one even wanted to leave the program!

But the mood soon turned around when we started working together. After learning from our mistakes of the first day, we found a strategy that held the group together while moving.

We discovered how empowering it could be to have a clear goal to reach and how using our new found skills as a group helped us reach the mountain top in good spirits! Never did we know we could climb a mountain!

On our last days, we expected the worst: 10km snowshoeing across an exposed, windy and very cold frozen lake. Things took a happy turn.

Karen and Helene revealed yet another surprise. We were going for the ride of our lives!!! A dog sled ride! What a relief at the same time as exciting!

Later that evening ,we had our closing ceremony and everyone presented their personal story and project pitches. It was a very emotional and moving moment. Exposing our vulnerable selves brought us much closer.

And the evening didn’t stop there. There was yet another surprise to be revealed! We each received a certificate with some very encouraging words about our participation. This marked the completion of phase one of the Polar Edge program.

All in all, now you have an overview of our favorite moments of this trip.

Oh! But Wait! We forgot to mention one key thing. The tasty reindeer meat that we will never forget for the rest of our lives!

Thank you and goodbye from the Arctic.

Working as a Team

By Peizhen, Ellen and Pärla

Hello world!

We are sitting in a tent, in the Arctic, in the middle of nowhere but on the beach of a frozen lake. (Of course, no sand here…just snow, ice, snow, snow!)

Today we’re extremely happy because we arrived to the camp site much earlier than we have the other days. And this is all thanks to our team work!!!

During the first two days, we all worked as individuals and did everything at our own pace. This resulted in frustration, exhaustion and turned out to be very inefficient. We had to change that.

So instead, we decided to work as a team, a real team. Our strategy this morning was to help each other by skiing in pairs. The pairs consisted of one person who usually held a fast pace with one person who usually held a slower pace. We put the slowest one in the front and the fastest at the back.

This turned out to be a fantastic solution for everyone! We managed to keep an even pace without leaving anyone behind. We looked out for each other as much as possible. We pushed each other to do our best and we truly worked as a team.

This is a very powerful lesson that we can also apply in our everyday lives. In order to move forward successfully as a group, you have to always put the group first.

Today is a very happy day and everyone was full of high spirits and energy! This might sound cliché but it was truly a one for all, and all for one day.

Good night world!  Snow kisses from us!

Common Vision

By Linnea, Maram and Zeinab

Tuesday was a very, very cold morning. We thought we were just going to snowshoe for the day. However, the day was full of surprises. And later, there we stood in our snowshoes but on the top of a mountain!

But, unlike the last few days, today we chose a different strategy and decided to move as a team. Together. We mixed our strongest and slower members so that we kept one pace. What a difference! We raised the team’s spirits, looked after one another and actually enjoyed the day!

On the way up, we fell and rolled and laughed quite a bit (caught on camera by the lovely film team Andreas and Gunnbjörg).

The moment we arrived on top of the mountain, the view was miraculous.

We had a short lunch break and then – boom! – another fantastic surprise was delivered. We were going to sleep in a cabin!!!! This meant that we didn’t have to set up, break down tents nor stay warm in our sleeping bags. Instead, we got the chance to sleep in a cabin, which although very basic, was a luxury compared to our nylon tents.

Pushing Our Limits

By Peizhen, Ellen and Pärla

For the past two days, we’ve pushed our limits further than we thought we could. We have experienced things that we previously never could have imagined. For example, skiing, sleeping in tents in -20C, snowshoeing, doing our business in the woods while risking to expose our bums to our fellow teammates and just experiencing a total culture shock.

Those were mostly the physical challenges. The mental challenges have been equally as hard, if not even harder. We had to try to work as a team – it hasn’t always worked out. Imagine the extreme cold, the long distances we have had to move, and then – finally – when we reach our destination it is crazy cold but now we are very, very hungry, tired and still have to put up our tents in the pitch dark while sinking to our knees in snow.

But, you know how the saying goes: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! And, after just these two days, we feel like we can conquer absolutely anything back home in Skåne!

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